Gardman Flip Top Filled Mealworm Feeder

Gardman - Flip Top Mealworm Feeder (Prefilled)

Johnston & Jeff Peanuts 2kg

Johnston & Jeff - Peanuts 2kg

Tom Chambers - Nice Nuts - 2.5kg (25% extra free)

Tom Chambers Nice Nuts - high energy bird food

Feed from a mesh peanut feeder to attract Tits, Finches, Nuthatches & Woodpeckers

Also available in 1kg

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Tom Chambers - Nice Nuts - 2.5kg (25% extra free - 2.5kg for the price of 2kg)

Tom Chambers Nice Nuts are rich in oil, fats and protein and the perfect all year round, high energy food for garden birds.

Tom Chambers have years of experience of creating and blending quality food for garden birds. We ensure that any blend we supply brings birds flocking to your gardens and keeps them returning for more!

Key Information:

  • High energy bird food
  • Rich in oil, fats & protein
  • Favourite of Tits, Finches, Nuthatches & Woodpeckers

Advice & Tips:

  • Always feed peanuts from a mesh peanut feeder, never put out whole nuts as young birds can choke
  • Create several feeding sites around the garden to prevent overcrowding
  • Hang your feeder in an open space to prevent a predator attack
  • Ensure regular cleaning of your feeder to help with the health of visiting birds
  • Remove any stale food & clean with a mild disinfectant

Useful Information:

Contains Nuts
Where to use Mesh Feeders
Suitable for Loved by tits, finches, nuthatches and woodpeckers
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