Gardman Flip Top Nyger Seed Feeder

Gardman - Flip-Top Lid Nyger Seed Feeder

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Gardman - Flip Top Mealworm Feeder (Prefilled)


Flip Top Mealworm Feeder (Prefilled)

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Gardman - Flip Top Mealworm Feeder (Prefilled)

Gardman Filled Mealworm Feeder is an easy and ready to use feeder that is pre-filled with dried Mealworms.

The ready to use feeders are ideal for hanging straight in your garden, filled with only the highest quality blend of Gardman Mealworms.

Key Information:

  • Mealworms are rich in protein
  • Easy to use, refill and clean
  • Filled and ready to hang in your garden

Gardman Filled Mealworm Feeder will attract the following birds:

  • Robins
  • Siskins
  • Blue Tits and many other species

Useful Information:

Contains Mealworms
Where to use Outdoors
Suitable for Attracts robins, blue tits, chaffinches, blackbirds, wrens and other species
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