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Gardman - Large Flip Top Seed Feeder

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Gardman - Flip Top Mealworm Feeder (Prefilled)

Gardman - Flip-Top Lid Nyger Seed Feeder

Gardman - Flip Top Nyger Feeder

A durable seed feeder with a flip top lid for easy filling; fill with nyjer seeds to attract garden birds

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Gardman - Flip Top Nyger Feeder

The Gardman Flip Top Nyjer Seed Feeder is a durable plastic bird feeder with a flip top lid for easy filling & cleaning. It has 2 perches & small feeding ports specially designed to feed nyjer seed. Hang from a tree or dining station to attract a range of wild garden birds.

Key Information:

  • Durable plastic
  • 2 perches & feeding ports
  • Flip top lid
  • Easy to fill & clean
  • Keeps food dry
  • Approx. capacity: 240g nyjer seed

Advice & Tips:

  • To fill, flip open lid by pushing up the tab
  • Provide feed year round, especially during breeding, nesting & fledgling periods
  • Ensure garden birds have clean water for drinking & bathing
  • Keep food fresh & dry - remove any wet food to avoid spread of bacteria & diseases
  • Clean feeding areas regularly with a mild disinfectant

Useful Information:

Contains N/A
Where to use Outdoors; hang from trees or dining stations
Suitable for Nyger Seeds
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