Waterside Aquatics - For Tropical, Temperate, Coldwater or Pond Fish & Aquatic Supplies

Waterside Aquatics is located inside Waterside Garden Centre, just off the A15 in Baston and we're less than 15 miles away from Peterborough & Spalding, and only 5 miles from Bourne & Deeping. We cater to a wide variety of aquatic hobbies and interests. Our experienced and well trusted staff will be able to help if you’re a newcomer with your first pond or long time enthusiasts caring for a large tropical aquarium.

We have over a 100 livestock tanks, with over 100 species of fish for sale and we pride ourselves on our care and expertise in fish keeping. Our experienced staff are on hand to provide information on choosing the right fish for your aquarium or pond. We also have a large range of aquarium and aquatic supplies from trusted brands including Hozelock, Tetra, API & PondXpert.

Looking for Tropical, Temperate & Coldwater Fish?

When it comes to freshwater tanks we aren’t in short supply. With currently 105 individual livestock tanks and over 100 different species there is something for everyone. This includes a wide display of Tropical Fish, Temperate Fish and Fancy Goldfish. We also pride ourselves on having one of the best Malawi Cichlid selections locally. We have a large live plant tank with bunched plants and potted plants and are now also now a stockist of In Vitro aquarium plants.

Along with the livestock we have a great choice of accompanying dry goods including aquarium pumps, filters treatments, flake foods, pellets, algae wafers, gravels or sands and ornaments for any indoor tank or aquarium. Our quality and trusted brands include Tetra, API, NT Labs, Betta and many more in store.

Choosing Pond Fish for your Garden Pond?

In our 15 vats we have several pond fish species including; Goldfish varieties such as Comets, Shubumpkins and Sarasas in several sizes. We also stock Standard Koi and Ghost Koi ranging from 3 inch fish all the way to 10 inch fish. Finally we keep Sturgeon both Diamondback and Siberian species. Please note that this stock is seasonal so to avoid disappointment phone us on 01778 560000 option 5 to ask about availability.

You'll also find everything you need for keeping your pond fish at home including fish pond pumps, filters, solar pumps, treatments, flake foods, goldfish and koi pellets and many more from trusted brands such as PondXpert, Hozelock, Tetra, NT Labs, Nishikoi and others in store.

Aquatic Plants including Water Lily & Oxygenating Pond Plants

We’re one of the best stocked pond plant suppliers in the Bourne, Spalding & Peterborough area. We have a wide range of aquatic plants during the warmer seasons. With multiple vats and trays of Aquatic Lillies / Lotus, Oxygenating Plants, Marginal Plants and Floating plants, our large selection will satisfy most customers. Don't forget our experienced staff are on hand to guide you with choosing the right aquatic plant for your pond. Please note that this stock is seasonal so to avoid disappointment phone us on 01778 560000 option 5 for availability.

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