Tom Chambers Nice Nuts 2.5 kg

Tom Chambers - Nice Nuts - 2.5kg (25% extra free)

Tom Chambers Acorn Range Peanut Feeder

Tom Chambers - Acorn Range Peanut Feeder

Johnston & Jeff - Peanuts 2kg

Johnston & Jeff


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Johnston & Jeff - Peanuts - 2kg

There are many different varieties and grades of nuts. We choose the best from Runner or Virginia varieties. JJ avoid lower grades and ensure that their nuts are fresh and free from mould and infestation. High in oils, proteins, and energy and are invaluable high energy and digestible food source.

JJ strongly recommend that whole peanuts are only fed from a wire mesh feeder because smaller birds and fledglings can choke on them. This is why they don't include whole peanuts in any of their blends which can be fed from a tubular feeder or tabletop. All of JJ's peanuts are aflatoxin tested and are free from mould and infestation.

Key Information:

  • Aflatoxin tested
  • Correctly graded
  • Cleaned to 99.9% purity

Useful Information:

Contains Peanuts
Where to use Peanut Feeder
Suitable for Especially good for blue tits, bramblings, bullfinches, great tits, greenfinches, sparrows, nuthatch, buntings, siskin, song thrushes, starlings
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