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The Big Cheese - Anti Mouse Mini Sonic Mouse Repellent - 3 Pack

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse - Mini-Sonic Mouse Repellent

3 pack plug-in

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The Big Cheese - Anti Mouse™ Mini-Sonic Mouse Repellents - 3 Pack

Ultrasonic protection for out of reach areas. Anti Mouse Mini-Sonic® Mouse Repellents from The Big Cheese® are a discreet and effective way to drive rodent pests out of homes and living areas.

The welfare-friendly, plug-in deterrents produce ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets, including cats and dogs, but are within the hearing range of mice and rats. Each Mini-Sonic unit will provide continuous protection of a single room. For large or irregular shaped rooms, more than one unit may be required.

Key Information:

  • New generation sonic repeller provides continuous ultrasonic output to help drive away rodents and prevents their return.
  • Low-cost, round-the-clock protection.
  • Discreet, micro-footprint does not obstruct other plug sockets.
  • Pet-safe and welfare-friendly deterrent that does not harm rodents.

Advice & Tips:

  • Never use Mini-Sonic Mouse Repellent units around rodent pets such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits ect.

Useful Information:

Application Remove red bait cover before use. Set trap by squeezing handle until you hear a click. Place trap where rats have been active, Position at right-angle to the wall, with bait well nearest the wall. Check traps frequently. Click open the trap to dispose of the catch. Double-bag catch and place in a bin with a secure lid. There is no need to touch captured rats.
Where to use For indoor use.
When to use Use as required.
Pests Controlled Mice

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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