Big Cheese Mouse Sonic Repellent 3 pack

The Big Cheese - Anti Mouse Mini Sonic Mouse Repellent - 3 Pack

Big Cheese Live Catch Mouse Traps

The Big Cheese - Live Catch Mouse Traps - 2 Pack

The Big Cheese - Quick Click Mouse Traps

The Big Cheese Quick Click Mouse Traps

Triple Pack

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The Big Cheese - Quick Click Mouse Traps

Triple pack of new improved traps. Quick Click Mouse Traps are supplied baited, ready-to-use.

Double the snap and holding power. The one-quick-click design makes them easier to set than traditional traps and also allows quick and easy disposal of captured mice.

Key Information:

  • Powerful double spring mechanism guarantees a quick kill.
  • One-click to set and another click to dispose of catch.
  • Fresh baited and ready to use.

Advice & Tips:

  • Allow 48 hours for an initial catch. If no catch, experiment as follows: relocate traps to the area most affected or try a supplemental bait.
  • Block entry hole, store foodstuffs securely and practise good hygiene to avoid further infestations.

Useful Information:

Application Simply press the trap to set and then remove the bait cover. Place the trap wherever there is evidence of mice with the bait pedal facing the wall. Squeeze the trap open to discard catch. No need to handle the captured mouse.
Where to use For indoor and outdoor use.
When to use Use multiple traps in severely affected areas: mice live in groups and traps placed 2-3 metres apart will ensure the maximum catch.
Pests Controlled Mice

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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