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Taylor Bulbs - Garcua Garlic Bulbs

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Taylor's Bulbs - Elephant Garlic Bulbs

Taylors Bulbs - Elephant Garlic Bulbs

Hardy Garlic with very large bulb

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Taylors Bulbs - Elephant Garlic Bulbs

Elephant garlic is an extremely large bulb that produces large full flavoured cloves that are absolutely ideal for roasting. This garlic flavour is mild enough to use raw in salads to give them a burst of flavour. This hardy bulb variety can cope with damper conditions than regular garlic. Elephant garlic should be planted in Autumn or Spring and a general fertiliser can be added to improve the yield.

Taylors bulbs is a family run business that has been supplying and growing flower bulbs since 1919.

Key Information:

  • Plant in Autumn or Spring
  • Add a general fertiliser to improve yield
  • Requires a sunny position in well drained fertile soil

Advice & Tips:

  • Prefers full sunshine
  • Allow foliage to die back naturally
  • Plant individual bulbs 3cm (1") deep, with them positioned 10cm (4") apart
  • Garlic will deter many garden pests.
  • The leaves will die down, so lift the garlic and leave to ripen on a flat surface after a few days
  • One bulb can be split into several before planting.

Useful Information:

Sow October - November
Harvest from July
Soil Type Free draining fertile soil
Flowering Height N/A
Garden Type Containers, borders and Vegetable patches
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