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Taylors Bulbs - Garcua Garlic Bulbs

Strong flavoured soft neck garlic variety

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Taylors Bulbs - Garcua Garlic Bulb Set

Gurcua garlic bulbs are an ideal garlic bulb for beginners as it is extremely easy to grow. This variety thrives if planted in a sunny spot that is weed free and has good drainage. If you supply this bulb with the optimal conditions you end up with a generous yield of large soft necked garlic bulbs.

Taylors bulbs is a family run business that has been supplying and growing flower bulbs since 1919.

Key Information:

  • Plant in Autumn or Spring
  • This garlic variety is ideal extended storage
  • Requires a sunny position in well drained fertile soil
  • Frost hardy variety

Advice & Tips:

  • Prefers full sunshine
  • Allow foliage to die back naturally
  • Plant individual bulbs 3cm (1") deep, with them positioned 10cm (4") apart
  • Garlic will deter many garden pests.
  • The leaves will die down, so lift the garlic and leave to ripen on a flat surface after a few days

Useful Information:

Sow September - November
Harvest from July
Soil Type Free draining fertile soil
Flowering Height N/A
Garden Type Containers, borders and Vegetable patches
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