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Cordyline - Charlie Boy - 2 for £25


Charlie Boy - 2 Litre Pot

2 x 2 litre pots for £25 usually £15.99 each

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Cordyline - Charlie Boy - 2 Litre Pot

A stunning architectural plant providing year round interest. Spiky, sword-shaped, variegated leaves with a burgundy central stripe and apricot pink margins. Ideal for patio pots, balconies or garden planting. Very easy to grow. Hardy to approx -6℃. In colder areas best to grow in pots and move into a greenhouse or conservatory for winter. 

The collection consists of 2 pots for £25 - usually £18.99 each!

Useful Information:

Planting For brightest colour, grow in a sheltered sunny position. Water plant thoroughly before planting. Plant in a hole large enough to avoid disturbing the roots. Refill the hole
Position Full sun. Can tolerate light shade, where leaves would be a darker pink
Height 8ft x 3ft
Pruning No pruning.

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