Cordyline - Charlie Boy - 2 for £25

Cordyline - Charlie Boy - 2 for £25

Callistemon Laevis Mini Standard 100 cm

Callistemon Bottlebrush Mini Standard 100cm - 2 for £70

Acanthus - White Water


White Water - 3 Litre

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Acanthus - White Water - 3 Litre

A hardy perennial with glossy cream and green variegated leaves and pink and cream flower spikes in summer.

Useful Information:

Planting Water pot well and leave to drain. Dig hole twice the size of the plant pot. Incorporate compost and general fertilizer into the soil. Remove the pot and place root ball level with the soil. Refill hole with soil / compost / fertilizer mixture. Firm in well and water, keeping moist until established.
Position Full sun and well drained soil
Height 1.2 x 1.2m

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