Hebe, Golden Pixie at waterside garden centre

Hebe - Golden Pixie - 2 for £18

Cordyline - Charlie Boy - 2 for £25

Cordyline - Charlie Boy - 2 for £25

Hebe - Heartbreaker - 2 for £18


Heartbreaker - 2 litre pot

2 for £18 when you buy this listing (usually £10.99 each)

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Hebe - Heartbreaker - 2 Litre Pot

The gorgeous burgundy foliage is a fantastic focal point for winter, paling to simple green and cream the rest of the year. Clusters of beautiful mauve flowers attract bees and butterflies. May require winter protection.

The collection consists of 2 pots of 2 litre for £18 (Usually £10.99 each)

Useful Information:

Planting Ideal for pots or borders. Dig a hole slightly larger than the pot, remove the pot and place the plant in the hole. Firm any loose soil around the plant and water well. Water whilst the plant is settling and during hot weather. Water pots regularly.
Position Grow in a sunny or semi shaded spot in well drained soil
Height Grows up to 75cm in height
Pruning Trim to a rounded clump in spring

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