Johnsons Little Gardeners - Grass Haircut

Johnsons Little Gardeners - Grass Haircut

Gro Sure Multi Purpose Lawn Seed

Westland Gro-Sure Multipurpose Lawn Seed 1.5 kg

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed for Tough Areas 800g

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed for Tough Areas

Hard wearing lawn seed mix

Covers up to 20m2

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Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Tough Grass 800g covers 20m2

Hard Wearing lawn seed great for areas that are well trodden & used more than average. This grass seed mix is ideal around trees & shrubs too. The seed species in this mix will grow in fewer hours of sunlight while still giving a lush lawn. It also has added fungi & bacteria to help develop stronger root networks & the seeds are coated with 'Aqua Gel' which helps soak up water & slowly release moisture for optimum germination & establishment.

Key Information:

  • NPK - 3-2-3 + 2 MgO + 2Fe
  • 800g box covers 20 m2
  • Hard Wearing - great for high use areas
  • Slowly releases moisture to the seed with added mycorrhizae for bigger root network
  • Quick to recover
  • Grows in minimal sunlight

Advice & Tips:

  • Can be used for sowing a new lawn or for patch repair.
  • Use the built in applicator to apply at the correct rate.
  • In good conditions, when instructions are followed, blades of grass can be seen in 2 weeks; however this may take longer
  • Store in a dry, frost free place away from moisture.
  • Sow when the soil temperature is between 10℃ - 18℃.
  • Clear away any debris & remove weeds before sowing

Useful Information:

Coverage: Covers 20m2
When to sow: Between March to October when the soil temperature is between 10℃ - 18℃
Where to sow: For new lawns or patch repairing existing lawns.

Application Rate:

Area Application Rate
New Lawn 40g per m2
Patch Repair 40g per m2
Revitalising Existing Lawn 30g per m2
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