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Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed for Tough Areas 800g

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Westland Gro-Sure Fine & Luxurious Lawn Seed 900g

Westland Gro-Sure Multipurpose Lawn Seed 1.5 kg

Westland Gro-Sure Multipurpose Lawn Seed

For new lawns & overseeding

Covers up to 50m2

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Westland Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawns Seed 1.5 kg covers 50m2

Designed for all lawns, for creating new lawns & overseeding producing fine grass blades for a beautiful lush lawn. This grass seed mix is designed to grow on any soil type & give a high level of tolerance to disease. You can expect consistent results from specially selected seeds that have been treated to ensure germination success to give you the beautiful lawn you want.

Key Information:

  • Each 1.5 kg box covers 50 m2
  • Multipurpose seed suitable for growing on all soil types
  • Establishes strongly
  • For new lawns or overseeding

Advice & Tips:

  • Use the built in applicator to apply at the correct rate.
  • In good conditions, when instructions are followed, blades of grass can be seen in 3 weeks; however this may take longer
  • Store in a dry, frost free place away from moisture.
  • Sow when the soil temperature is between 10℃ - 18℃.
  • Clear away any debris & remove weeds before sowing

Useful Information:

Coverage: Covers 50m2
When to sow: Between March to September when the soil temperature is between 10℃ - 18℃
Where to sow: For new lawns or overseeding lawns.

Application Rate:

Area Application Rate
New Lawn 30g per m2
Overseeding 25g per m2
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