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BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate 250ml

BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate 250ml

Vitax Pepper Dust 225g


Pepper Dust 225g

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Vitax Pepper Dust 225g

Deter cats and dogs the traditional way.

Cats and dogs can cause considerable damage to flowers and vegetables, especially at the seedling stage.

Pepper Dust is the original, sprinkle-on solution which is a simple and effective way to help protect plants and crops from domestic pets.

The full-strength formulation can be used on drives, paths, patios and around dustbin areas to deter cats and dogs from fouling, as well as around the garden.

Key Information:

  • Can be used on seedbeds and around recent plantings
  • Deters cats and dogs from fouling
  • Used on and around all edible crops and ornamental garden plants

Advice & Tips:

  • Use when the weeds are small & actively growing & the soil is moist
  • Do not use when rain is expected, spray on a calm wind-free day to avoid drift. If rain falls within 24 hours results may be effected
  • Scorching of grass can occur if more than one squeeze is applied to a given area
  • Re-treatment may be necessary for well established or difficult to control weeds. However, there should be 6-week interval between treatments
  • After application, do not mow for at least one day - ideally, leave the treated area for as long as possible
  • The first 4 mowings after application must be composted for at least 6 months before use as mulch

Useful Information:

Mapp No 09635
Application Rate

Before treatment, thoroughly remove all evidence of previous fouling by hosing down the contaminated area. Applying a weak detergent solution on fouled surfaces will also help break down remaining odours. Once the area is clean, apply a liberal dusting of Pepper Dust on the plants and surrounding area. Pepper Dust can be used all year round. Repeat twice a week or after rain or high winds.

Where to use Outdoors.
When to use For use on and around all edible crops, ornamental garden plants and areas not intended to bear vegetation. Deters cat and dogs from fouling. This product must only be used for the purpose of repelling cats and dogs. Pepper dust can be used all year. Use in dry weather or when surfaces to be treated are dry. Repeat applications twice a week or after rain or high winds.
Pests Controlled Cats and dogs

Use pest control safely. Always read the label.

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