Vitax Pepper Dust 225g

Vitax Pepper Dust 225g

BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate 250ml


Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate 250ml

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BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate 250ml

A contact insecticide for use against biting & sucking insects, controlling eggs, larvae & adult bugs.

Key Information:

  • Concentrate to control mature insects, their larvae and their eggs
  • Effective against sucking and biting insects such as aphids, thrips, spider mites, whitefly, mealy bugs, scale insects, caterpillars, beetles and sheet wasp larvae
  • Suitable for a wide variety of ornamental plants (protected)

Useful Information:

Contains Active ingredient content 4.59 g/L pyrethrins and 825.3 g/L rapeseed oil
Coverage Makes up to 25 L of spray solution. Please see packaging for insect specific dose rates
Mapp No 18585
Application Rate Spray plants and undersides of leaves until dripping wet
Pests Controlled Kills insects, larvae and their eggs.

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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