Unwins - Pea - (Early) Early Onward

Unwins - Pea Seeds - (Early) Early Onward

Unwins - Borlotti Bean - Tintoretto

Unwins - Borlotti Bean - Tintoretto

Unwins - Pea Seeds - (Maincrop) Douce Provence


Pea - (Maincrop) Douce Provence

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Unwins - Pea - (Maincrop) Douce Provence

Grow your own peas.

Key Information:

  • Versatile variety of pea that is excellent for early and main cropping
  • Produces an abundance of sweet and succulent peas
  • The plants will reach a height of 45cm/18in

Advice & Tips:

  • As the peas start to grow, support them with netting or pea sticks
  • Keep well watered, especially in dry spells
  • Sow regularly for continuous crops
  • Autumn and early Spring sowing will benefit from cloche protection

Useful Information:

When to sow: March - May or October - November
When to Harvest: June - July
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