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Unwins - Pea Seeds - (Maincrop) Douce Provence

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Unwins - Salad Spicy Collection

Unwins - Borlotti Bean - Tintoretto


Borlotti Bean - Tintoretto

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Unwins - Borlotti Bean - Tintoretto

Grow your own borlotti beans.

Key Information:

  • Early variety with long, bright red pods
  • High yielding pods contain 8-9 beans each that can be eaten fresh or dried
  • Excellent disease tolerance

Advice & Tips:

  • Keep well watered, especially in dry spells and feed often
  • Pick the beans when they are young and tender to encourage the plants to remain productive longer
  • Blanch beans briefly in boiling water, drain, cool and bag them and they will freeze well

Useful Information:

When to sow: Indoors: April - May
Outdoors: May - June
When to Harvest: June - September
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