Gardman Mealworms 200g

Gardman Mealworms 200g

Tom Chambers Oakwell Nest Box

Tom Chambers - Oakwell Handcrafted Nest Box

Tom Chambers - Squirrel Snack Box

Tom Chambers

Squirrel Snack Box

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Tom Chambers - Squirrel Snack Box

Provides a separate food source for squirrels.

Giving squirrels their own source of food from their own specific feeder will deter them from stealing bird food and attacking bird feeders.

The inclusion of squirrel food into your garden will also supplement a squirrels diet in times when natural food is scarce. It may also have the advantage of helping the already depleted species of red squirrels thrive.

Useful Information:

Contains N/A
Where to use Outdoor
Suitable for Squirrel Snacks
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