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Gardman Mealworms 200g


Mealworm - 200g

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Gardman - Mealworm - 200g

Rich in protein and a favourite of Robins and many other insect loving species.

Replacing what birds already eat, mealworms feed particularly well as birds naturally feed on insects – making this a popular choice of food for all birds. Soaking in warm water also makes the mealworms popular amongst younger birds.

Key Information:

  • Re-sealable pour pack
  • Rich in protein and essential oils
  • Attracts Robins, Siskins and other species
  • Suitable for use on birds tables and ground feeders

Gardman Mealworms will attract the following birds:

  • Robins
  • Siskins and other species

Useful Information:

Contains Mealworm
Where to use Seed feeders
Suitable for Wild garden birds
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