Tom Chambers Heavy Duty Nyger Feeder

Tom Chambers - Heavy Duty Flick 'N' Click Nyjer Feeder

Tom Chambers - Flick 'N' Click Nyjer Feeder

Tom Chambers Flick 'N' Click Nyjer Feeder

Fill with Nyjer seed to attract a wide range of garden birds

Popular with Goldfinch

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Tom Chambers - Flick 'N' Click Nyjer Feeder

The Tom Chambers Flick 'N' Click Nyjer Feeder is a strong plastic bird feeder with a flick top lid for easy filling. With two perches and seed ports, this feeder is specially designed to accommodate the feeding of nyjer seeds, a favourite in particular with finches.

Tom Chambers range of bird feeders include numerous designs from tubular, metal feeders to original slate roofed wooden feeders. Designed to feed a variety of foods from straights to mixes and peanuts this comprehensive range of feeders offers a feeding solution for every garden.

By providing food, drink & nesting boxes you can enjoy watching birds in your garden throughout the year whilst helping them thrive & continue to breed successfully.

Key Information:

  • 2 seed ports
  • Easy to fill - simply Flick 'N' Click
  • Strong perspex tube
  • Attracts a wide range of garden birds

Advice & Tips:

  • Ensure regular cleaning of your feeder to help with the health of visiting birds
  • Clean with a mild disinfectant & rinse carefully
  • Ensure you remove all uneaten & wet food & keep underneath your feeder clean, this helps prevent the spread of disease & bacteria
  • Flick the lid to open and fill with Tom Chambers Nyjer Seed - click the lid to close
  • Hang your feeder in an open space to prevent a predator attack
  • Replenish regularly

Useful Information:

Contains N/A
Where to use Outdoors
Suitable for Nyjer Seed
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