Stur BC Onion Set

Taylors Bulbs - 50 Stur BC 20 - Onion Set

Yellow Moon Shallot Set

Taylors Bulbs - 12 Yellow Moon - Shallots

Taylors Bulbs - 50 Sturon - Onion Set

Taylors Bulbs - 50 Sturon


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Taylors Bulbs - 50 Sturon - Onion Set

Top selling onion variety.

Key Information:

  • High yielding variety
  • Good for storing

Advice & Tips:

  • Well prepared bed to achieve good growth
  • Thoroughly dig over the site with a fork, removing any weeds
  • Adding a general fertilizer will improve yields
  • Check the sets every few days and re-plant any that have been disturbed by birds etc
  • Keep soil moist and remove weeds

Useful Information:

Plant: Spring
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