Weedol Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate 500 ml

Weedol Lawn Weed Killer Concentrated 500 ml

Roundup Gel Weed Killer 150ml

Roundup Gel Weed Killer 150 ml

Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use Weed Killer

Roundup Fast Action total weed killer is a ready to use formulation that kills weeds to the root. Great for gravel driveways, tarmac & hard surfaces

Available in the following options:
1.2 L Trigger Spray
2.5 L Refill Pack
2.5 L Pump N Go Pack
5 L Refill Pack
5 L Pump N Go Pack

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Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use Weed Killer

Roundup Fast Action total weed Killer ready to use

A ready to use amateur total weed killer which degrades naturally in the soil. This multi-purpose systemic weed killer kills down to the root on annual & deep rooted perennial weeds such as grasses, dandelions, docks, nettles, ground elder, bindweed & thistles. It is great weed killer for use on gravelled areas, paths, patios, hard surfaces, tarmac & along fence lines.

Key Information:

  • Ready to use formulation
  • Ideal for use on gravel, paths, driveways, hard surfaces, patios & tarmac
  • Do not use on lawns or wanted plants unless you intend to kill them
  • Can be used to clear weedy ground before planting. The weed killer is inactivated on contact with the soil and broken by micro-organisms.
  • Features an easy grip, two spray pattern 'jet' & 'spray' nozzle

Advice & Tips:

  • Use when the weeds are actively growing with enough leaf area to absorb the spray
  • Spray the target weed & wet lightly avoiding run-off
  • Treat established perennial weeds before or at the start of flowering for best results
  • For best results on nettles & ground elder, spray on young fresh growth when the leaves have fully unfolded
  • Weeds may show first effects from a few days up to 4 weeks, depending on the weather & type of weed
  • Do not use when rain is expected, spray on a calm wind free day to avoid drift
  • Leave weeds 7 days before digging or cultivating to allow time for the weed killer to translocate (move) to the roots
  • Re-application may be neccesary if new growth appears

Useful Information:

Contains 7.2 g/l glyphosate acid
Coverage Varies according to weed treated
Mapp No 14481
Application Rate Hold 50 cm away from target weed & spray leaves until visibly wet but avoid run off
Where to use Gravel areas, Paths, Driveways, Hard Surfaces, Patios, Tarmac, Fence Lines, Waste Ground
When to use Apply when the weeds are actively growing between February & November
Weeds Controlled Annual & deep-rooted perennial weeds, including Grasses, Dandelions, Docks, Nettles, Ground Elder, Bindweed & Thistles

Use weed killers safely. Always read the label.

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