Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic 1 L

Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic 1 L

Resolva Moss Killer Ready to Use 1 L

Resolva Moss Killer in a handy ready to use bottle.

For killing moss on gravel, block paving & decking

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Resolva Moss Killer Ready to Use for Gravel & Block Paving

An effective home & garden moss killer which kills moss fast. It contains pelargonic acid and is ideal for permeable surfaces overlying soil such as paths, block paving, gravel or decking. It can also be used to kill moss & algae around the base of walls & sheds. This moss & algae killer is ready to use, featuring a non-drip trigger and visible results can be seen in 24 hours.

Key Information:

  • Ready to use moss & algae killer for block paving, gravel & decking with visible results in 24 hours
  • Moss & algae on natural paths will usually be controlled with a single application; however repeat application may be required
  • Do not use on concrete or tarmac where spray may run off into drains
  • Do not spray on lawns or wanted/cultivated plants - this product will kill all green plant growth including grass

Advice & Tips:

  • Spray the target moss / algae until fully wetted but avoid run-off
  • Resolva Mosskiller is approved for use between 1st April & 18th September
  • Do not use when rain is expected, spray on a calm wind free day to avoid drift. If rain falls within 12 hours results may be effected
  • Do not walk on treated areas until the spray has dried to avoid transfer onto lawns/vegetation
  • Re-treatment may be necessary however there should be 3-4 week interval between treatments. Maximum of 4 treatments per year
  • Resolva Moss Killer should not be used at temperatures below 15℃ as results may be lessened

Useful Information:

Contains Pelargonic Acid 31.02 g/l
Coverage 10 m2
Mapp No 17100
Application Rate Maximum of 4 treatments per year. Spray target until wetted but avoid run-off
Where to use Permeable Surfaces Overlying Soil - Gravel, Paths, Block Paving, Decking, Base of Sheds & Walls
When to use Use between 1st April & 18th September
Target Controlled Moss & Algae

Use Plant Protection products safely. Always read the label.

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