Resolva Moss Killer Ready to Use 1 L

Resolva Moss Killer Ready to Use 1 L

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Patio Magic Hard Surface Cleaner 2.5 L

Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic 1 L

Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic for removing moss in lawns.

Blackens moss, greens ups grass with visible results in 24 hours.

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Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic - for removing moss in lawns / grass

Maxicrop Moss Killer is a concentrated 2-in-1 for controlling moss in lawns or grass areas. This product contains natural organic seaweed plus Ferrous sulphate (iron) & nitrogen. The iron sulphate blackens moss within hours & gives rapid grass green-up, while the seaweed extract & nitrogen stimulates rooting & grass re-growth of the area. Visible results can be seen within 24 hours.

Key Information:

  • Concentrated moss killer specifically for lawns / grass.
  • Moss will blacken visibly within 24 hours.
  • Rapid green-up of grass and root stimulation to promote re-growth.
  • When the moss has turned black, remove the dead moss by raking or scarifying.
  • Can be applied with a garden sprayer or watering can.

Advice & Tips:

  • Spray the target moss / algae until fully wetted but avoid run-off ensuring complete & even coverage
  • Do not allow spray to contact other surfaces other than grass to avoid staining
  • For use in established lawns over 6 months. Do not use on newly sown or turfed areas
  • Do not use in drought or frosty conditions, or if the ground is waterlogged
  • Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic can be used between March & September
  • If rain does not fall within 48 hours of application, lightly water the lawn
  • Do not walk on treated areas until the spray has dried to avoid staining other surfaces
  • Do not apply within 3 days before or after mowing

Useful Information:

Contains 375 g/l Iron Sulphate + Seaweed Extract + 2% N (Nitrogen)
Coverage 66 m2
Mapp No 17299
Application Rate Garden Sprayer - 310 ml per 1.5 L water to cover 10 m2
Watering Can - 310 ml per 9 L water to cover 10 m2
Where to use Established (over 6 months) Lawns, Turf, Grass
When to use March to September
Target Controlled Moss

Use Plant Protection products safely. Always read the label.

This product is available for local delivery only within a 15 mile radius of Waterside Garden Centre.

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