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Neudorff - Ant Killer Granules

Neudorff Ant Killer Granules

Use as a scatter granule or pour as liquid solution

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Neudorff - AntFree Ant Killer Granules

Ants often appear as numerous unwelcome guests and can be extremely annoying. Neudorff’s Ant Killer Granules are particularly effective when applied as a soluble solution so that the active ingredient penetrates right into the nest and destroys the insects which remain inside - thus ensuring the sustainable control of these pests.

Key Information:

  • Kills the nest
  • Granulate for both scattering dry and pouring as a liquid solution to effectively control ants on paths and patios
  • Natural active ingredient
  • Use as a soluble or solid

Advice & Tips:

  • Wash hands after use

Useful Information:

Contains Active ingredient content 0.174 % w/w pyrethrins (from Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract)
Application Rate

Scattering: 10-20 g/m² on ants nests and ant trails. Pouring: 10 g dissolved in 0.5 L water per nest. Pour into gaps between slaps on patios, paths and other outdoor areas. One 500 g pack makes up to 25 L of liquid solution

Where to use Outdoors
When to use Apply as required, re-treat as necessary.
Pests Controlled Ants and their nests.

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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