Swift First Early Seed Potato

JBA Seed Potatoes - Swift - First Early

Nicola Second Early - Seed Potatoes

JBA Seed Potatoes - Nicola- Second Early

JBA Seed Potatoes - Marfona - Second Early

JBA Premium Seed Potatoes

Marfona - Second Early

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JBA Seed Potatoes - Second Earlies - Marfona

This variety of seed potato is particularly suitable for Baking, boiling and chipping.

Key Information:

  • High yielding variety
  • Consistent large crops of waxy baking type potatoes
  • Tubers are oval in shape with a light yellow skin and cream coloured flesh

Advice & Tips:

  • Protect from frost
  • Plant potatoes 10" apart from each other in drills

Useful Information:

When to sow: March/April
When to Harvest: June/July
Culinary Use: Baking, Boiling, Chipping, Mashing, Roasting
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