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Hozelock - 15 Pot Watering Kit

Hozelock - Flat Hose and Spiral Hose Adaptor


Flat Hose & Spiral Hose Adapter

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Hozelock - Flat Nose Adaptor

This hozelock accesory converts your hose end from a male connection to a female one. It can be attatched to a tap or a hose, attach it to you tap using a tap connector or or in-line using a double ended male connector.

Useful Information:

  • Converts the hose end into a female connector suitable for use with the Hozelock quick connect system
  • Made from high-quality materials for increased durability
  • 3/4″ BSP adaptor
  • 1 year manufacturer guarantee

Useful Information:

Material: UV Stable Plastic
Connection: Male
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