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15 Pot Watering Kit

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Hozelock 15 Pot Watering Kit with Mechanical Timer

The Hozelock 15 Pot Automatic Watering Kit is effortless to set up and is perfect for saving you time, effort and water. You have Mechanical Timer included with this kit, allowing you to control when and how you water your garden. You also have a drip watering set that allows you to set up a slow release of water that starts at the root, exactly where the water is needed. These watering kits can be set-up in minutes will water up to 15 pots/containers.

This 15 dripper set can water your patio pots, hanging baskets, borders, veg patches and greenhouse plants. so you can water all yor pots and plants together and know that you have not accidentally missed one. making watering your garden effortless and stress free.

Useful Information:

  • Drippers deliver water directly to the roots reducing water wastage
  • Easy to install as pipes can be easily cut and joined together depending where you need to water
  • Regular focused watering keeps plants healthy and less prone to disease
  • Includes the Auto Off Controller that can be manually set for a period up to 120 minutes
  • Auto Off Controller that has to be manually set daily 

Useful Information:

Material: Plastic
Contents Mechanical timer, Pressure reducer, Adapter for 13mm tube, adaptor for 4mm tube, dual adapter 4mm tube, 15m of 4mm diameter micro tube, dripper's with stake,t-pieces for 4mm tube, Straight connector/adapter for 4mm tube and wall clips for 4mm tube.
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