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Razor sharp ergonomic florists shear

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Darlac Floral Shear with Ergonomic Handle

This darlac floral shear is an invaluable tool for florists or those that spend considerable time tending to their garden flora. This is a razor-sharp nimble shear designed to fit neatly into the palm of your hand. The multi-functional design can be used for a whole host of repetitive and delicate cutting tasks both inside the home and out.

With its ergonomic broad upper handle provides great manipulation with the control ring, allowing for precise and accurate cutting when arranging flowers. Small yet deceptively strong, this tool is crafted using tough recessed blades that will perform a clean cutting action with every use.

Key Information:

  • Control ring and broad upper handle for ultimate control
  • Teflon coated recessed blades, for rust resistance and reduced friction.
  • Not suitable for left handed people.

Useful Information:

Material: Carbon steel, rust resistant blade
Size: Weight - 95g
Overall Length - 14cm
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