Darlac Floral Shear

Darlac Floral Shear

Darlac Mini Bypass Pruners

Darlac Mini Bypass Pruners

Darlac Ergo Flower Snips

Pocket sized Darlac Ergo snips

Ideal for trimming houseplants or delicate flowers

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Darlac Multi Ergo Snips for delicate flower work

A compact and convenient tool for tending to all your delicate house plant and floral work. The Ergo snips are absolutely perfect when maximum control is needed. Constructed with the safety of the gardener in mind, with its ergonomically designed pruner which features a control pillar handle and notch fit for the index finger in order to prevent accidents, ensuring you've got a steadier hand to work with.

Key Information:

  • Pocket-sized garden snips for pruning, snipping and deadheading
  • Ideal for houseplants or flower arranging
  • Strong, lightweight construction
  • asy to use catch that can be folded away inside the handle

Useful Information:

Material: Stainless steel, rust resistant blade
Size: Blade Dimensions - 5.5cm
Weight - 101g
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