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Defenders Cat & Dog Scatter Granules 450g

Defenders - Cat & Dog Scatter Granules - 450g

Zero In - Fly Papers

Zero In Fly Papers

Available in 4 Pack & 8 Pack sizes

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Zero In - Fly Papers

Attracts and kills flies and insects using clean white paper with natural fruit scent for increased catch rates. Protects your home. Suitable for use both indoors & outdoors.

Available in 4 Pack & 8 Pack sizes

Key Information:

  • Kills over 30% more flies than other brands.
  • Baited with natural insect attractant.
  • Clean white paper for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Traditional, cost-effective insect control.

Useful Information:

Application Bring to room temperature. Slowly pull out the string and unwind adhesive strip in an anti-clockwise direction. Hang strip in area where flies are becoming a nuisance. Use thumb tack provided to secure in place.
Where to use Suitable for indoors and outdoors use.
When to use As needed.
Pests Controlled Insects and flies.

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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