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Wilkinson Sword Edging Knife

Wilkinson Sword - Carbon Steel Edging Knife

Wilkinson Sword - Multi Hoe

Wilkinson Sword Multi Hoe

Ideal for weeding, cultivating & sowing

Use the head on either the Flat or Pointed edge depending on the task

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Wilkinson Sword Multi Hoe Garden Tool

A Wilkinson sword tool designed to carry out different tasks. A space saving multi-hoe that features a smart 'V' shaped tool head, that makes short work of all garden tasks. This product is perfect for weeding, cultivating and sowing.

Flat Edge - When this tool head is flat and is pushed backwards and forwards, it will cut through weeds with minimal effort. You can use the same technique on the surface of soil to compact the surface, it creates a firm surface.

Pointed Edge - If you turn the tool on its side you can use the blade to make large furrows or tight seed drills in the soil. You can use it to dig up root vegetables. planting, spreading fertilizer and aerating the soil.

Key Information:

  • Durable tool head with serrated metal blade shaped for easy manoeuvrability in tight areas
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium handle
  • 10 year guarantee

Useful Information:

Material: Aluminium
Size: Tool Head Length - 22cm
Weight - 153g
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