Wilkinson Sword Edging Knife

Wilkinson Sword - Carbon Steel Edging Knife

Kent & Stowe Long Handled Dutch Hoe

Kent & Stowe - Stainless Steel Long Handled Dutch Hoe

Wilkinson Sword - Stainless Steel Border Fork

Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Fork

Mirror polished rust resistant tool head

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Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Digging Fork

This stainless steel digging Fork is perfect for digging out rooted plants, weeding and aerating soil. The fork is the work horse of your garden. It is used, as the name suggests, for digging big areas, for use in areas of loose, sandy or loamy soil. Its strong tines will make quick work of all jobs.

This includes breaking up the soil and turning over new beds and moving plants with large root structures. You can use this digging fork for turning composts and spreading mulches too.

Key Information:

  • Smaller than a traditional digging fork and ideal for smaller, more confined areas
  • Tool head is made from mirror polished rust resistant stainless steel
  • Ideal for maintaining flower beds and herbaceous borders, lifting plants and forking manure

Useful Information:

Material: Carbon steel, rust resistant blade
Size: Overall Length - 970mm
Tool Head Length - 240mm
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