Westland John Innes Ericaceous Compost 35 L

Westland John Innes Ericaceous Compost 35 L

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Compost 40 L

Miracle Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Compost 40 L

Westland Growbag

Westland Growbag

Versatile planting bag that can be used anywhere from a windowsill to the greenhouse for growing flowers, fruit or vegetables

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Westland Growbag

The Westland Growbag is a versatile planting bag filled with a specially formulated compost rich in potash to produce quality fruit and vegetables and abundant flowers. It is ideal for growing tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, aubergines, fruit, flowers and herbs.

The nutrients in the Growbag will feed your plants for about 4-5 weeks.

Key Information:

  • Planting bag filled with compost rich in potash
  • Great for flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • Can be used anywhere from the windowsill to the greenhouse

Advice & Tips:

  • Store frost free, and keep sealed until ready for use
  • Before use shake the planter to loosen the compost & provide a greater depth for planting
  • Water frequently in hot weather and never allow to dry out

Useful Information:

How to Use Cut around the dotted lines on the bag to make 3 planting holes
Add about 7 litres of water, place plants into the planting holes and firm the compost around them
Plant in central area of the growbag, firming compost well around the new plant
Where to use Greenhouses, Conservatories, Patios
When to use Heated greenhouses from mid March onwards
Unheated greenhouses from mid April onwards
Outside from mid May onwards
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