Westland John Innes Peat Free No.2 Potting-On Compost 28L

Westland John Innes Peat Free No.2 Potting-On Compost

Westland Gro-Sure All Purpose Planter 50 L

Westland Gro-Sure All Purpose Planter 50L

Westland Gro-Sure Tomato Planter - Large

Large Tomato Planter Grow Bag that feeds for 6 weeks

Great for Tomatoes, Peppers, Peas & Beans

Enriched with Potash for quality crop yield

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Westland Gro Sure Tomato Planter Grow Bag

Growing tomatoes in tomato grow bags is easy with the Gro-Sure large tomato planter - a nutrient rich compost which helps tomato and other vegetable plants develop healthy with strong roots. It is enriched with Potash (K - potassium) which improves crop quality & yield and feeds plants for 6 weeks making it perfect for growing tomatoes, peppers, peas & beans.

Gro-Sure have developed a unique moisture retention technology which means it requires less watering and reduces the risk of blossom end rot. These tomato grow bags can be used in greenhouses, roof top plantings, patios & in conservatories.

Key Information:

  • Large tomato planter (55 L when filled) - more room for roots, producing healthier plants with more fruit & vegetables
  • Great for vegetables too - peppers, chilies, peas, beans
  • Retains moisture - less watering required
  • Enriched with Potash

Advice & Tips:

  • Store frost free, and keep sealed until ready for use
  • Before use - shake the planter to loosen the compost & ensure even depth
  • When plants have been set, keep the compost moist. In hot temperatures water every day to prevent drying out
  • Feed the tomato plants with tomato fertiliser when the first flower truss appears - re-feed every 2/3 waterings

Useful Information:

How to Use For all fruit / vegetable plants - cut around the dotted lines on the bag to make 3 holes
Make a hole in the compost deep enough for the root ball of the plant then firm the compost around the plant
Water the planter to ensure the compost is moist
Where to use Greenhouses, Conservatories, Roof Top Planters, Patios
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