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WeedFree Plus - Glyphosate Free Weed Killer 750 ml

Neudorff Weed Free Plus gives long lasting control against regrowth of tough weeds

Ready to use glyphosate free formulation that kills all green growth

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Neudorff Weed Free Plus Long Lasting Weed Killer

WeedFree Plus is a glyphosate free weed killer which gives long lasting control against regrowth of tough weeds in a ready to use spray. WeedFree Plus is a foliar contact herbicide which controls a broad range of weeds including grass, dandelion, clover, speedwell, horsetail, buttercup & creeping thistle. It is most effective against small actively growing weeds

Key Information:

  • Glyphosate free formulation
  • Acts as a plant growth regulator giving long lasting results
  • Ready to use weed killer
  • Ideal for use on paths, around trees, around ornamental plants & woody ornamental plants
  • Visible effects can be seen just 1 hour after treatment on some weeds
  • Do not use on lawns

Advice & Tips:

  • Use when the weeds are small & actively growing
  • Do not use when rain is expected.Spray on a calm wind free day to avoid drift
  • WeedFree Plus is effective on Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) however long term control will not be achieved, repeat treatment will be necessary
  • Can be used under shrubs & trees as it does not harm woody parts of plants. Do not allow to drift onto wanted plants
  • Results can be effected if used in temperatures below 15℃

Useful Information:

Contains 31.02 g/l Pelargonic Acid, 4.95 g/l Maleic Hydrazide
Coverage 7.5 m2
Mapp No 18447
Application Rate 100 ml per m2. Good spray cover is essential. Weeds must be dry before application.
Where to use Paths, around trees & ornamental plants, woody ornamentals & ornamentals
When to use Apply when the weeds are small & actively growing with temperatures above 15℃
Weeds Controlled Annual Meadow Grass, Dandelion, Clover, Deadnettle, Common Chickweed, Chamomile, Speedwell, Buttercup, Creeping Thistle, Horsetail / Mares Tail

Use weed killers safely. Always read the label.

This product is available for local delivery only within a 15 mile radius of Waterside Garden Centre.

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