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Vitax - Copper Slug Tape

Vitax Copper Slug Tape

Provides a barrier to plants & crops

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Vitax - Copper Slug Tape

The popular, traditional method of deterring slugs and snails

Copper Slug Tape stops slugs and other gastropods in their tracks by providing a barrier to plants and crops.

Serrated to provide extra protection against snails, Copper Slug Tape is a popular alternative to more chemical-based solutions.

Key Information:

  • Adhesive copper tape barrier
  • Emits a tiny electrical charge when touched
  • Excellent for use on pots and planters

Advice & Tips:

  • Tape may have sharp edges

Useful Information:

Coverage Approx 12 5 inch pots
Application It is the tiny electromagnetic charge a slug or snail feels when it tries to cross Copper Slug Tape which prevents them from reaching the plants and crops.
A tiny electrical charge is created naturally from within the copper causing them to turn away.
Suitable for organic gardening, Slug Copper Tape comes in a four-metre pack which will protect up to 12, five-inch pots.
To use, remove the protective paper and apply directly to a dry, clean surface.  Stick the tape in a complete circle around the pot or bed you want to protect.
Make sure any overhanging branches or leaves are trimmed away and do not overhang the protected area as these will act as a bridge for slugs to use.
As with any copper material, Copper Slug Tape will turn green with age, but will not affect the product’s performance.
Where to use For pots, plant beds and other clearly defined areas.
Pests Controlled Slugs/Snails

Use Pest Control safely. Always read the label.

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