Vitax Clay Breaker 2.5 kg

Vitax Clay Breaker 2.5 kg 

Vitax Granular Garden Lime 3 kg

Vitax Granular Garden Lime 3 kg

A soil conditioner and source of calcium and magnesium in an easy to use, virtually dust free granule

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Vitax Granular Garden Lime 3 kg

Garden Lime is a granular soil conditioner that has all the advantages of powdered lime while being virtually dust free. It neutralises acid soils, enabling beneficial bacteria to flourish and release locked in plant foods, and improves drainage in heavy clay soils, making them more friable.

In addition to conditioning soil, Garden Lime can also be used to speed up the composting of garden waste.

Key Information:

  • Easy to handle, low dust granules
  • Neutralises acid soils
  • Improves the drainage of heavy clay soils
  • Reduces the risk of club root disease in cabbages and other brassicas

Advice & Tips:

  • Read directions carefully before use and do not exceed the recommended application rates
  • Store in a dry place away from children, pets, and foodstuffs
  • Avoid lodging product on leaves and stems
  • Wash hands after use

Useful Information:

Uses Neutralising Acid Soils, Improving Soil Structure and Drainage, Composting Garden Waste
When to use Works best when applied from September onwards, but can be used any time of year

Application Rate:

Area Application Rate
Acid Soils 200-400g per m2, applied annually preferably from September onwards
Normal Soils 200g per m2, applied every two or three years
Home Composting 60g per m2 for each 20cm of garden waste on an open compost heap
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