Unwins - Pepper - (Chilli) Tokyo Hot F1

Unwins - Chilli Pepper Seeds - Tokyo Hot F1

Unwins - Pepper - (Chilli) Caldero

Unwins - Pepper - (Chilli) Caldero

Unwins - Pepper - (Chilli) Biquinho Yellow


Pepper - (Chilli) Biquinho Yellow

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Unwins - Pepper - (Chilli) Biquinho Yellow

A variety of chilli pepper from Brazil.

Key Information:

  • Produces small, round sunshine yellow peppers
  • Aromatic chilli flavour without the intense heat
  • Great in a variety of dishes, they also make a great chilli jam

Advice & Tips:

  • Water regularly and feed weekly with a liquid fertiliser as fruits begin to swell
  • Take care to wash hands after handling or preparing fruits before touching your eyes or other sensitive areas

Useful Information:

When to sow: February - April
When to Harvest: July - October
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