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Unwins - Lettuce - (Cos) Lobjoits Green

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Unwins - Lettuce - (Loose) Lollo Rossa


Lettuce - (Loose) Lollo Rossa

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Unwins - Lettuce - (Loose) Lollo Rossa

Often expensive when shop bought, grow your own Lollo Rossa from seed instead for an easy and satisfying experience.

Key Information:

  • Attractive red and green frilled leaves
  • Crisp texture and great peppery flavour
  • Adds colour to a green salad bowl

Advice & Tips:

  • Small sowings made every three weeks during the summer will ensure a continuous supply
  • Water plants generously in dry weather
  • This variety does not produce a heart, pick leaves or whole head as required

Useful Information:

When to sow: Indoors: March - April
Outdoors: April - July
When to Harvest: May - September
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