Tom Chambers Nyjer Seed Nibbles

Tom Chambers - Nyjer Nibbles 1.5 kg (+33% extra free)

Gardman Peanuts for Wild Birds

Gardman - Peanuts for Wild Birds

Tom Chambers - Rockin' Robin Feast

Tom Chamber Rockin' Robin Feast 1.5 kg + 25% extra free

A great source of energy for robins & insect loving birds

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Tom Chambers - Rockin Robin' Feast (25% extra free) 1.88kg for the price of 1.5kg

Tom Chambers Rockin' Robin Feast is a high energy complementary seed blend containing husk free sunflower hearts, peanut granules & mealworms, a great source of oils & proteins. This seed mix is particularly attractive to Robins but is also ideal for feeding other insect loving birds such as Wrens, Swallows & Woodpeckers.

Key Information:

  • 1.88kg for the price of 1.5kg
  • High energy seed mix
  • Rich in oil & protein
  • Contains nuts, seeds & mealworms

Advice & Tips:

  • Create several feeding sites around the garden to prevent overcrowding
  • Hang your feeder in an open space to prevent a predator attack
  • Ensure regular cleaning of your feeder to help with the health of visiting birds
  • Remove any stale food & clean with a mild disinfectant

Useful Information:

Contains Whole naked oats, White Millet, Pinhead Oatmeal, Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules, Mealworms, Red Millet, Soya Oil
Where to use For use in seed feeders, on ground feeders or on bird tables
Suitable for Ideal for robins, wrens, swallows & woodpeckers
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