Thompson & Morgan Mr Funny Super Seeds Sweetcorn Swift

Thompson & Morgan Sweetcorn Swift Super Seeds Mr. Funny

Little Miss Princess Pea Terrain Super Seeds

Thompson & Morgan Pea Terrain Super Seeds Little Miss Princess

Thompson & Morgan Runner Bean Moonlight Super Seeds Mr. Tall

Runner Bean Moonlight Thompson & Morgan Super Seeds

Mr. Tall

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Thompson & Morgan Runner Bean Moonlight Mr. Funny

Grow your own and have some fun with it with these easy to grow Runner Beans.

Key Information:

  • Plant height grows up to 3m
  • Full sun favoured

Advice & Tips:

  • Sow seeds 5cm deep in rows spaced 30cm apart

Useful Information:

When to sow inside: April - July
Where to use Tomatoes, Vegetable Garden, Flowering Plants, Beds & Borders
When to Harvest: August - September
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