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The Big Cheese - Ultra Power Block Bait Rodent Killer Kit

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait Rodent Killer Kit

Includes 3 x 20g bait blocks

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The Big Cheese - Ultra Power Block Bait Rodent Killer Kit

The Big Cheese® Ultra Power Block Bait Rodent Killer Kit is a pre-baited, ready-for-use tamper-resistant station, containing single-feed bait for the control of rats in just one dose. Ultra Power Block Bait from The Big Cheese delivers fast and highly effective control of rodent pests using single-feed bait technology.

It combines proven palatability with the necessary amount of active ingredient to deliver a lethal dose to rodents in one feed. Rodents may continue to take bait for up to 4 days. For as long as bait is being consumed, replenish the station as directed using The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait².

Key Information:

  • Refillable bait station and 3x20g Brodifacoum blocks.
  • Single-feed bait technology kills rats and mice in one feed.
  • Lock and key access protect children and pets from contact with the bait.
  • The translucent station allows you to monitor bait-take.

Advice & Tips:


Useful Information:


0.0025% w/w brodifacoum & 0.001% denatonium benzoate.

UK Authorisation No UK-2016-0998-0001
Application Rate The bait stations should be visited only 5-7 days after the beginning of the treatment and at least weekly afterwards, in order to check whether the bait is accepted, the bait stations ae intact nad to remove rodent bodies.
Where to use Use indoors and around buildings.
When to use Re-fill bait when necessary. Replace any bait in a bait station in which bait has been damaged by water or contaminated by dirt.
Pests Controlled Rats

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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