Lavender Vera Mystery Mix

Lavender - Mystery Mix

Cytisus Broom Mystery Mix

Cytisus (Broom) - Mystery Mix

Mixed Evergreen Sun-Loving Shrub Plants - Mystery Mix

Mystery Shrub Plant Selection

We select a mystery mix of beautiful shrub plants to the value of £50, £100 or £150 for you

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Shrub Plants - Mystery Mix

Mixed Shrub Plants - Mystery Plant Mix

This mystery mix is our choice of mixed shrubs perfect for your garden.
The special 'mystery mix' promotion does not guarantee you will get every plant pictured; however we will select a mix of plants to the value of the price quoted.

Please note: you cannot choose/select the specific plant varieties to be supplied. Our expert staff will select the plants for you.

The £50 Mystery Mix is worth £60.

The £100 Mystery Mix is worth £110.

The £150 Mystery Mix is worth £160.

This offer is for local delivery only within a 15 mile radius of Waterside Garden Centre.

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