Buddleja, harlequin, butterfly bush

Buddleja - Harlequin

Ceanothus Concha - Californian Lilac

Ceanothus Concha - Californian Lilac

Photinia Dynamo Red - 2 for £60

Photinia Dynamo Red

Quick growing with beautiful bright red foliage

2 plants for £60. RRP. £34.99 each.

Availability: Out of stock

Photinia fraseri Dynamo Red

A rapid growing shrub with bright red foliage.

This offer consists of 2 x 110 cm (approx) plants for £60. RRP. £34.99 each.

Useful Information:

Planting The plant is hardy and frost tolerant down to -15℃.
Height Grows up to 2 - 5m with 1.5 - 2.5m spread
Pruning Not recommended

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