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Nippon - Ant Killer Liquid

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid can be used both indoors and outdoors, either with a Nippon Ant Control System or on its own.

If using without a bait station, simply place three to four drops on a clean surface such as a piece of plastic, glass or metal next to the ant run.

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is particularly good if you do not know where the nest is or it is inaccessible.

Key Information:

  • Destroys complete colonies without a trace
  • Designed to attract worker ants which carry the bait back to the nest to feed the whole colony

Advice & Tips:

  • Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is hazardous to bees and should not be used in areas where food, feed or water could become contaminated.
  • Use biocides safely and keep out of reach of children and animals. Always read the label and product information before use

Useful Information:

Contains 0.081% w/w Spinosad
Coverage Effective for a month.
Application Rate Undo cap and pierce the end seal. Place 3-4 drops of product per bait point preferably in the late evening into a refillable bait system or on an impervious surface by the ant run.
Where to use For indoor and outdoor use.
When to use Change the bait daily until ant activity ceases (usually 7-10 days)
Pests Controlled Ants

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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