Hakonechloa Macra Grass

Hakonechloa Macra Aureola - Hakone Grass

Euonymus Japonicus

Euonymus Japonicus - Green Spire

Nandina Domestica - Obsessed

Nandina Domestica - Obsessed - 2L

Known as sacred bamboo or heavenly bamboo

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Nandina Domestica - Obsessed - 2L

A red compact evergreen shrub that is primarily grown for its fiery red, handsome foliage which first is seen in spring - before turning green when as it ages. Very attractive clusters of white flowers in midsummer which adds to its interest.

Good choice for patio pots where it will provide year-round interest.

Useful Information:

Planting This evergreen shrub likes moist but well-drained soil
Position Full sun or partial shade
Flowering July
Height Grows up to 100cm with 75cm spread
Pruning In mid or late spring lightly cut back any shoots that spoil the symmetry of the plant

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