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Kent & Stowe Small Bulb Planter

Kent & Stowe - Small Bulb Planter

Kent & Stowe - Large Hand Bulb Planter

Large Hand Bulb Planter with a depth gauge.

Trusted Kent & Stowe brand with 15 year guarantee.

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Kent & Stowe Large Bulb Planter ideal for seed potatoes

Kent & Stowe large bulb planter is perfect for large bulbs such as seed potatoes and bedding plants, used for beds, borders and pots. It allows you to get a uniform depth and space between your plants and bulbs. Bulbs are an important element in any garden with the wide array of colour they provide not only in spring but across the seasons, from welcome snowdrops and crocuses in late winter, daffodils and tulips in spring, lilies, gladioli and dahlias in summer and nerines and colchicums in autumn. This tool is perfect to get all your bulbs planted quickly and efficiently.

Key Information:

  • High quality polished stainless steel head for minimal soil adhesion
  • Handle made from beautiful ash wood
  • Serrated edge for easier entry into soil
  • 6" measurement scale
  • Excellent rust resistance
  • 15-year manufacturer guarantee

Useful Information:

Weight 178g
Blade Length 18cm
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