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Traditional Anvil Secateurs

Kent & Stowe Hand Fork

Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Hand Fork

Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Hand Trowel

Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Hand Trowel

Designed for weeding, planting & cultivating

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Kent & Stowe Garden Life Stainless Steel Hand Trowel

This hand garden trowel from Kent and Stowe is an ergonomically sized stainless steel trowel that is ideal for use on borders and raised beds. It is suitable for a wide range of tasks such as planting bulbs, seedlings and bedding plants. It has been hand crafted and offers traditional quality. The head is made from stainless steel and has an ash wood handle. Also giving this product the edge is the fact it is 40% lighter than the original stainless steel hand trowel. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance for efficient cultivation with minimal soil adhesion. The Garden Life range has been specifically designed for gardeners who may struggle with heavier tools. They are perfectly sized, compact versions of the Kent & Stowe range, shorter and lighter for easier use.

Key Information:

  • 40% lighter than Kent & Stowe original stainless steel tool
  • Handle made from ash wood contoured for perfect comfortable grip
  • High quality stainless steel head
  • Efficient and effective cultivation with minimal soil adhesion
  • For weeding, planting and cultivating

Useful Information:

Material: Weatherproof ash handle, Stainless steel tool head
Size: Overall Length - 25cm
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